• Who We Are?

    We are the team of the distinguished IT professionals who decided at one point in time to do something different with their lives and work. Our ideas of independence and creativity have found a place to call home – IMELA Software.

  • What We Do?

    We combine the most successful and trusted solutions for the following areas: IT Consultancy, Internet Marketing, and Software Development. Rather than focus only on one area of your IT activities we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive and useful system solutions.

  • Where We Go?

    We boldly go where no developer has gone before to explore new IT concepts and seek out new IT solutions. For us it is more than just a job it is a mission.

    • More than only to earn
    • We yearn to learn
    • And burn
    • In the flames of creativity
  • What We Bring?

    • We bring freshness and richness
    • With every single idea
    • We materialize through our work
    • We do not go to work, we go to create and improve.
  • What We Ensure?

    Our work and solutions come with a guarantee of impeccable quality and flawless ingenuity. We strive to match your requirements and challenge your expectations in the most beneficial way possible.

    • We don’t need clients
    • Who are satisfied
    • But rather impressed
  • What Is IMELA?

    IMELA is more than just a word. It is a symbol of devotion and creativity.

    • IMELA as a name
    • Still grows
    • And our imagination
    • Still flows