Database development

When it comes to the database development IMELA Software strongly relies on the features ensured by the MariaDB. It has to be emphasized that MariaDB has all the advantages of the MySQL, including the following additional ones:

  • Additional storage engines
  • Improvement of speed
  • Additional extensions
  • Improved opportunities for testing
  • Elimination of bugs
  • Fully transparent source structure

Having in mind that MariaDB is being developed on the existing structure of MySQL you do not have to worry about the compatibility issues.

When making your choice about the Database Development Solutions provider for your specific requirements you should take into consideration the following advantages which are to be added to the ones previously mentioned:

  • IMELA Software is detailed in research, and prompt in approach
  • IMELA Software never stops with the first functional Database Development available, it keeps looking for the very best one
  • IMELA Software is restless when it comes to the testing phases, and very proud when the time comes to launch your perfectly tailored solution
  • IMELA Software support is available 24/7
  • IMELA Software staff constantly improves knowledge and skills about the Database Development
  • IMELA Software database solutions are user friendly and extremely easy to maintain
  • IMELA Software database solutions include the highest level of adaptability
  • IMELA Software guarantees discretion and confidentiality for all of its solutions
  • IMELA and MariaDB
  • Best friends
  • In both
  • Software and Real World