Why choose us


We do not like to follow, we dare and strive to lead. We respect the old rules, but do not hesitate to create new solutions.


If you want magic, you need to find magicians who will speak the languages of your ideas. IMELA does not hire developers, it rather seeks for the true IT magicians.


Our solutions include always more than only one element by default. We tend to combine the very best components of IT Consultancy, Internet Marketing, and Software Development in our work and solutions.


Our work comes with an indisputable lucrative potential for you and your business. Our aim is to increase your profits and improve your business opportunities.


We tend to amaze with our work not only you, but also your end customers and clients. To amaze and impress with our solutions is our golden working maxim.


With each and any of our solutions we aim to challenge the very borders of creativity and ingenuity. When we deliver them, we make sure they come with a profound touch of sophistication and perfection.


Our solutions are highly optimized for your specific needs and system requirements. When it comes to the numerous testing operations and necessary optimization, we are literally tireless.


Fantastic is the word we are so used to hear from our clients. We accept no less and we ask no more than this word when you are expressing your gratitude and appreciation of our work.


With each of our solutions we tell a different story. We are sure that we are doing the right thing for you only when we completely adjust our solutions to your exact needs.

Wow Effect

This is the effect we are deeply striving to achieve with all of our solutions, not only with you, but also with your own clients, as well.


Every single thing we do or deliver has to be awesome. This is the only guarantee that our life and work can also be awesome.


Our solutions and results they bring always ensure respect and notable reputation for their users.


We deliver and accept nothing less than an excellence in our lives and work, as well.