CRM Development

It comes without saying how CRM or Customer Relationship Management is important for every business regardless of its size with no exception. Any tool which enables you to improve your communication with all of your customers or clients is of invaluable importance for your business. This is the main function of the CRM solutions provided by the IMELA Software.

The competitive advantage that IMELA Software ensures for your business comes from the remarkable attention to the details and thorough analysis. The developers who are working in IMELA Software are very careful when it comes to the identification of the fields which require improvements and modifications for the CRM purposes.

CRM services provided by IMELA Software cover the following fields:

  • Account Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Support

IMELA CRM Software Solutions include the following principles which are applied according to your requirements:

  • Focus on all details related to your business process
  • Identification of the elements which need to be improved
  • Evaluation of the communication and feedbacks you have and share with your customers
  • Implementation of your clients’ requirements in our CRM solutions
  • Ensuring an affordable and effective balance between the profit and costs
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